Hi, I’m Lauren!

My name is Lauren; I’m a 20-something-old born and raised in suburban London. While I adore my city, I gravitate towards nature, choosing to make hiking, cycling and wildlife-spotting part of my travels.

Here on The Planet Edit, I provide in-depth guides and detailed stories to help travellers explore more adventurous destinations and get outdoors with confidence.

Lauren Pears in Kyrgyzstan

What’s my mission?

I like to travel to destinations with a story to tell, seeking great hikes, epic bike rides and jaw-dropping natural scenery.

My mission is to build a community of travellers who enjoy getting off the beaten path in search of the world’s most beautiful natural wonders.

In doing so, I hope to make travel more sustainable, accessible, and a whole lot of fun.

Who wants the worry, the hurry of city life?
Money, nothing funny, wasting the best of our life.


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